The Personal Guru

This one is for you if nothing less than the best will do.

The therapy program is everything I’ve learned over a decade and thousands of clients, built into a single approach that works for almost everyone.  It’s the brain child of a whole lot of interviews with eyesight health professionals all over the world, from the experience of helping thousands of clients, and lots of tweaks in between.

If you don’t just want the product though, but also its creator, this is the way to go.

Five 30 minute Skype or FaceTime sessions at key milestones during the program.  My personal e-mail address, skip the line waiting in the forum.  Access to my four annual meetups, every year.

Join Now And Get


Skype sessions:  I don’t have the most handsome face in the world, but sometimes it’s just nice to be able to have a real conversation.  I’m including five, 30 minute Skype sessions here, which will give you lots of insights to help your eyesight.

My personal e-mail:  Contact me directly anytime you want, skipping the forum line altogether.

Access to the meetup calendar:  Get invited to my four annual meetups, for Personal Guru members exclusively.  If you want more than just the Web, this is an excellent way to keep in touch in person and discuss progress and questions.

The full program, every session, covering every aspect of your myopia and how to recover your healthy eyesight.


30 sessions on close-up, close-up prescriptions, strain management, vision health in indoor / office environments, high myopia, astigmatism.


30 sessions on distance vision, distance prescriptions, focal stimulus, peripheral vision, outdoor activities, axial change, diet, long term strain management.


10+ bonus sessions on double vision, visual cortex training, night vision, leap improvements, overcoming plateaus, and color vision.

Pay In Full – Save $567 ($8,997)

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If you have questions about the course, e-mail me, I usually will get back to you within a day.