Starten Sie Hier, Jaaaaaaa.

Welcome to Endmyopia, the place where you can regain your own natural eyesight and reverse your myopia. To help you get started we kindly ask you to watch the videos listed below and read carefully through the accompanying sections.

So what’s the basic premise for how myopia happened in the first place? This animation should help you understand that in quite a well laid out manner.

A general explanation of the concepts we use is to be found here:

Here’s the official Start Here: Improve your Eyesight to give you more insight into this:


Are you intrigued yet?

Why not sign up for the comprehensive and free 7-day email course and consider if you want a mentored and structured approach or undertake this endeavor by yourself, have look here:

Are you already familiar with these concepts and the 7-day free email guide? Here are some more advanced tips to get you underway:

  • How do you get to the proper differentials for starters? Read this (again).

  • What about your first normalized? See Endmyopia’s explanatory videos on that here:

Are you still having questions? The following tools are at your disposal:

  • Consult the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). They are very extensive and may very well answer your questions.
  • Did you see endmyopia’s blog section? Hover over (with your mouse) “Blog and How-to’s” and check the “Eyesight How-To’s” and any other relevant sections for you.
  • Search the blog. Do you know how to search the blog? Hit the :mag: in the upper right corner and fill out the relevant search items there.

We’ve got some search terms to help you get started:

  • first differentials” and “first normalized”.
  • For astigmatism: “(reducing) prescription complexity”, “Astigmatism”, “Cylinder”, “diopter ratio”,
  • Do you have one “weaker/stronger” eye? Search for: “(reducing) prescription complexity”, “dominant eye” and “diopter ratio”.

Check out Endmyopia’s Youtube Channel, there’s lots of great and informative stuff for you to take a look at.

Keep a log of your measurements, progress and post updates to share with and inspire others.  Best of luck!