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Let’s start with a curious statistical nugget today.

Over 87% of my students post in the forum less than once every three months.

And of the posts that do come in the forum, most are questions.  Getting a progress report is exceedingly rare.  For me to get you to divulge progress is a bit like breeding tiny, tiny unicorns.


Jake’s tiny unicorn farm.

It makes sense, naturally.

As long as things work as advertised, we tend not to expend energy unnecessarily.  I wouldn’t fire up my browser and spend the time to write a long winded update either, as long as I was getting improvements.

So, I’m all with you.

However … think back at how you started.

Did you read through progress reports from participants?  Were you swayed in any way by other’s progress reports?  Did stories from others help add to your picture of what to expect?

Yes, probably.

There’s even more to it though, sharing progress.

As you continue on, you might run into a plateau.  Maybe it’ll be winter and the sun goes down at 4pm and you’re looking at your log and there hasn’t been any progress in what feels like ages.

Those times, reading of somebody else pulling up a great reduction in diopters, sometimes is all the motivation you need to get back in the game.

And If I can convince you to head over to the forum and just write one … then maybe you’ll realize that it was actually not that much extra work.  Perhaps you’ll find yourself posting a new one every once in a while.  Celebrate breakthroughs.  Share little updates.

I for one live for these.

You can’t imagine how weird it is to stare at this screen every day, doing all the various administrative things and blog writing and e-mail answering, and never really knowing how almost 90% of students are doing.

Like being the blind teacher.  Deaf and blind.

Action Items

So, whether you’re a busy CEO or a stay at home parent, I know.  Busy times.  But leave a little note, even if just for me.  Tell me if it sucks or if it’s great, or anything in between.

And don’t forget to keep at least a bit of a tab on your total distance vision time.  Because that topic, coming up again soon.



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