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Today, for something just a little bit different.

I want to propose a trade.  A great, excellent trade.  Well weighted in your favor.

Here’s the idea:

What this whole alternative avenue to mainstream myopia needs, is real-ness.  Real-ness and trust.  And hopefully you and I are at a point where trust levels are getting pretty good.

But you remember how long it took to establish this relationship?

You had to be the reading type, and also the lucky type to find the site in the first place.  You had to be motivated.  You had to be just not-jaded enough to give it a shot.  The odds of all those planets aligning, aren’t necessarily very high for people in general.

Mainstream Subversion:  The Role Of The Blog

You probably took note how I spend quite a bit of time on the blog, and explaining lots of concepts even to casual readers.

The plan is to keep building the blog to be a really good alternative resource, for vision health advice.

Granted, just reading the blog takes a lot more work than strapping in for BackTo20/20 and getting a solid step-by-step approach.  I’ll admit that it might takes a lot longer to figure it all out, using just the free resources.  And my support isn’t part of that either.  There’ll always be a distinct higher level of quality to BackTo20/20, and what I’m doing with you here.

But still.  The blog is there, it’s important to nurture, and I want to put it to great use.

So there’s that.  Now you might think, hey Jake.  I pay you my monies, you give me eyesight help.  That’s the trade.  Don’t bug me with stuff you want.

In case you’re thinking that, let’s look at what I’d like to offer, for this momentarily-to-be-explained trade:

For You:  A Huge Session Upgrade

I promised eight weeks of sessions.  Right?  Eight weeks, plus extended forum support time, all you need to get on track.

But I’m ready to do more for you.  A lot more.

No money changing hands, no catch.  In fact, I’ll extend your sessions to cover more than just eight weeks.  Not even ten, or twelve, or 20.

I’ll go as far as a whole entire year’s worth of additional sessions, zero extra cost.

No catch.

Just a whole year’s worth of sessions, 12 months, instead of just two months I promised before.

These additional sessions (I’m still working on transcribing them for the Web) will be one a week, after the eight weeks of core sessions are finished.

Because it makes more sense that way, a quick once-a-week checkin, some quick tips, to keep you entertained, motivated, on track.

You don’t need to do these, in case you’re thinking “how much extra time?!!”

These will be 100% optional, just if you want, things I didn’t advertise but are here for you anyway.  This is something I always do for my in-person clients.  We touch base about once a week, and I have a whole year of tips and tricks in my notebooks just for that.

Before I get back to the proposed trade, one extra bit:

You can have all these extra sessions either way.  No obligation to do anything at all for me.  I’m giving them to you, and I’ll mention here what I would be so thrilled to possibly get in terms of a wee trade.  Good?  Ready?

So here it is.

Blog, Video, Pictures, Inspiration, Community.  

If you have a Website or a blog, consider writing a bit about your experience.

Don’t write an ad, don’t skip the less than flattering things (even if you love me dearly, no ads!).  Just however you feel about alternatives to glasses.  Don’t make me look good or feel pressure for bias.  You could say that Jake is an egomaniac with a weird face, and that despite that and his dreary writing, a few of the ideas make a bit of sense.

That’d totally be appropriate.  In fact, I encourage plain and simple real talk over any sort of glossy cherry picking of the good things.

My ulterior motive is to get Google to see and index and ultimately show things that are likely to be insightful and written by individuals who have experience.  That being, you.  And again, they don’t have to be good, or great, or some sales pitch for me.  I’d love to see things out there that are simply … real.

Because while there’s not an issue so far, I worry about the Internet troll factor.  That thought always sits in the back of my mind.  And lens company funded smear campaigns.

Could easily happen, and it’s always best to be prepared for eventualities.

And yes, I know.  I’m the paranoid worrier type.

More important than my personal worries, is getting you to put a bit into the loop of the dialog.  It really makes a big difference, various voices of ideas and encouragement.

If you don’t have a Website or blog, or don’t want to talk about your experience, also all right.  Maybe you like to do little videos.  Send me one, with your glasses, or your habits, or just stream-of-consciousness.  Something you’re ok to post, on my YouTube channel, or your YouTube channel.  Whichever.  Video is great!

Maybe you don’t do video.  Maybe you do Snapchat, or Instagram, or Facebook.

Here too, no ads.  No glowing reviews.  Nothing that would annoy people.  I don’t want to see my friends selling me things on my social media.

I’m not looking to promote me, in your social circles.  Just fun stuff, like your new glasses, or artsy things, or anything else that falls into the category of real-ness, in a way that becomes not just me talking, all the time.  A little nudge, since if you’re anything like me, it’s somehow a huge leap to click a button and pay it forward.

Ideas.  Adding collaboration.  Engagement, past just reading here.  It’s the best part, when you see others and how they grow from this experience.  I’d really love to see that!

Feel free to let me know what you think, in the forum (or e-mail).

And this is going to be the only “hey could you do me a solid” type of session interruption.  Tomorrow, back to regularly scheduled programming.

Hopefully either way, you’re psyched about the upgrade to more sessions.

One thing I hear happened consistently in the past is that people would feel sad and withdrawals when the program ended.  With this new once-a-week checkin after the core sessions are done, you’ll always have something to look forward to.



P.S.:  If you do any of the above things, please drop me a line (forum or e-mail), let me know!

Session:  Audio Track

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Session:  Video Stream

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