Course Only

  • 10 – 30 Lessons
  • 30 Day Guarantee


  • 10 – 30 Lessons
  • 1 Month Therapist Support
  • One Prescription Review
  • 1 Year Guarantee


  • 10 – 30 Lessons
  • 3 Months Therapist Support
  • Three Prescription Reviews
  • 1 Year Guarantee

All Inclusive

  • 60+ Lessons
  • 12 Month Therapist Support
  • Twelve Prescription Reviews
  • Unlimited Access To All Adult & Child Courses
  • 30 Day Guarantee

One On One

  • 60+ Lessons
  • 24 Months Therapist Support
  • Prescription Planning
  • Individually Tailored Adult and Child Therapy
  • Personal Therapist

Questions?  Read More About Each Course Option.


Just access to the Web course. Pay monthly (only the first month is necessary), use at your own pace. No support included, so there is no forum access here! 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
Pay as you go. Includes a month of forum access, which is well worth the extra cost. Talk to myopia therapists anytime you have questions! Includes one free prescription review, so you can get some specific pointers on what prescription to get for your first close-up or reduced distance need. Also includes a full year refund guarantee (for the core course / first month).
The most inclusive of the “pay as you go” options. Three months therapist forum access, three prescription reviews (handy for getting both your differential and normalized prescriptions sorted), and a full year satisfaction guarantee (for the core course / first month).
Prefer not to worry about piling up months of charges? Planning on really diving in to eyesight improvement? For yourself or as a gift, this one gives you unlimited access to everything we have. We also throw in a full year of therapist support via the forum, and access to both the adult and child courses. This one comes with a 30 day money back guarantee as well.
Prefer to work directly with a therapist? Have specific needs, complications, or just want more than the Web courses can offer? The customization options of having your very own assigned therapist are almost limitless. Prescription planning, a full two years of therapist support (as of 2015 we are throwing in an extra year on request), and therapy for adult and child (in the immediate family). Since this is a one time fee and goes directly to the therapist, this one doesn’t come with a refund guarantee, of course.



Getting To The Root Of The Problem


Myopia Isn’t Some Mysterious Illness.
Myopia Is First NITM And Later Becomes Lens-Induced.

And where glasses and lifestyle create a compound problem that we have to look at, it all means nothing 
until we address the first and root cause.  The course starts by taking apart your close-up eye strain problem,
helping you measure how much strain there is, and how to eliminate (some of) it.  


Glasses & More Glasses

glasses-prescription-wrongThe Optometrist Prescribed You Glasses, 
You Ended Up With More Myopia.

We discuss this here on the site at length, and the course helps you get a healthier relationship to your prescription use.  Just like any other prescription, you want to look for a fix of the problem, not just masking the symptom (like your current glasses do).

Together we will work out rehabilitative prescriptions 
will help you recover healthier eyesight.




 Positive Stimulus

Your Eyes Respond To Targeted Stimulus.  Healthy Stimulus  = Better Eyesight.

In the hundreds of blog articles and forum posts you see a lot of discussion about blur distance and active focus.  Learning to use these two simple principles effectively will help you recover your eyesight.  It’s no magic:  what caused your myopia in the first place was stimulus (close-up strain) and excessive prescription use.  All we do in the course is targeted reversal of those myopia causing habits.



42 Years Of Vision Improvement Experience.

Functional and integrative ophthalmology practitioners have taken four decades of myopia 

rehabilitation experience to create the definitive guide to improve your eyesight.

4 Decades Of Work. Thousands of Clients. 
Now Available On The Web In A Single Course.  

Easy To Use Installments
Day Money Back Guarantee
Happy Participants (And Counting)




Transparent Support

See what others are saying.  Share experiences, 
find out what works.

All of it moderated by Alex and fellow professional practitioners
to make sure your questions are answered.

*Support is available for any current or past
participant of the course.  Free content exclusive of 
forum support option.  

Instruction Designed For Progress.


Log in and see new installments loaded into your account daily.  Use them at your own 
pace, knowing that the process is designed to maximize your own individual progress. 

Progress from basic topics to fully understanding strain and prescription use in a matter of days.  
Use the simple one month course, or opt for the optional additional content for more activity options 
later on.  Stop anytime, progress at your own pace, and always feel secure in 
knowing that you have the support forum available.

Courses (Simple & Advanced)
Simple To Use Installments
Optional Advanced Topics
Day Money-Back Guarantee


What You Should Expect

Days To Learn The Basics:   30


Days To Begin To See Improvements:   60


Days To Get Up to 20% Improvement (Reduction In Prescription):   90

*You should also expect to experience ongoing improvement anywhere from 0.75 to 
3 diopters per year continually, as long as you maintain healthy habits! 


1 Full Year Refund Guarantee



We Are Serious About Quality Therapy.  If For Any Reason You’re Not Happy, Get A Full Refund.  

We are the only therapists to come with a warranty!  😉  The full year guarantee applies to all core courses (and first month of any Web program).  If you’re not happy for any reason, just send a quick e-mail to us directly to receive a full refund in 24-48 hours.



Program Options & Pricing

Web (Adult)

one month
  • 50+ Lessons (Updated Weekly)
  • Unlimited Forum Support
  • – 

+Therapist (Adult)

one month
  • 50+ Lessons (Updated Weekly)
  • Unlimited Forum Support
  • Individual Prescription Tailoring
  • – 

+Therapist (Child)

one month
  • 50+ Lessons (Updated Weekly)
  • Unlimited Forum Support
  • Individual Prescription Tailoring
  •  Includes Adult & Child Course

*One-on-one is also available, for a one time fee of $1,850.  
*Subject to scheduling availability.  Contact us for details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Months Is The Course?  

The core course is the first month.  All you really need to reduce eye strain, stop progressive lens-induced myopia, and manage your own prescriptions responsibly is available there.  lf you want to delve into more topics discussing more suitable distance prescriptions, positive stimulus, night vision and peripheral vision, there are two more optional months available.  

Do I Have To Use Paypal?  

Right now it’s our only payment option for the Web course.  Paypal does let you use your credit card to pay, and it is a very strong way to ensure that your credit card information is safe.  Paypal also insists that we process refund requests promptly, so you have that additional assurance that we honor our 365 day refund policy.

Can I Stop My Subscription Anytime? 

 Of course.  You may want to take some time to catch up, pause, or implement what you learned.  Just send us a quick e-mail and suspend your Paypal subscription.

Do You Guarantee Progress?  

We guarantee that you only pay for what you find useful, and we provide all the support we can via the forum to help you progress.

How Long Can I Use The Forum Support?  

Forum support is indefinite for all current and previous subscribers.  If you contributed to the site via any course or donation, you will always have access to the support forum.

Is This All For Real?  

This is the most common of all questions.  We do everything we can to set your mind at ease that this is in fact a viable alternative to glasses or surgery.  The support forum and thousands of posts are open for you to read.  We offer a long free trial and an even longer refund guarantee.  If this was not the real deal, we couldn’t get many contributions, and the support forum reflects the reality of participant experiences.

What Is +Therapist?  

The basic course includes forum support.  However, if you have prescription specific questions you want us to cover, you will want to choose +Therapist to get advice.  It takes more time for us to assess your current state and make suggestions, hence the slightly higher fee.  It is quite worth it, if you want confirmation about where to go with lower prescriptions!

What Is One-On-One?  

The Web courses are designed as a “self service” solution to improving your eyesight.  We structured them to give you everything you need, piece by piece, to fully understand your myopia, and to rehabilitate your eyesight.  The Web course is meant for all kinds of myopes, so it has to make a whole lot of assumptions and concessions.  This is fine in most instances.  However, if you want to adapt the course, tailor it to your individual case and lifestyle requirements, you will want one-on-one.  You get indefinite access to all the Web materials, and additionally spend time with us to customize the approach to give you the most potential improvement.

What About Other Ways To Support This Site?  

We don’t yet have a “donation” function.  The options are the paid courses, which you can continue to make a monthly contribution to as long as you choose.  We appreciate and need your support!  Most of the site is free, and we would like to continue adding valuable content to help you improve your vision.

What Else Do I Need To Buy?  

Most of what you need is knowledge.  Beyond that, measuring tools are just a print out or a few dollars.  You will likely want reduced prescriptions to protect your eyes and get the opportunity for positive stimulus – we don’t sell these, but you can buy them inexpensively online, or from your local optician.  Search the blog for lots more on the subject of prescription purchases, or post your questions in the forum!

How Does The Refund Guarantee Work?

The refund guarantee covers the full first month of any of the Web courses.  If at any point during or the whole year after you take the core course you feel you didn’t get your money’s worth, send us a quick e-mail and get a refund for the core course.  No questions, no forms, no hassles.  
*Note that one-on-one does not qualify for refunds (lots of therapist time!) and any optional months past 
the first month are also not eligible (though if there is an issue, please do send us an e-mail).

Is My Personal Information Safe With You?

Payments are all processed in Paypal, your payment information is never sent to us directly.  Paypal also guarantees delivery and refund processing.  We also take all of your other personal information very seriously, using database encryption, hacker protection software, and third party audits.

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Not Sure Yet? Try The Whole First Week Free.*

The Core Course Is Four Weeks Long.  Try The 
First Seven Days Before You Decide Whether To Buy.



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365 day refund guarantee on all core courses (first month of any course).  
Therapist support via forum, or e-mail / Skype options for one-on-one.