We occasionally offer press passes to journalists and bloggers.

The goal is to allow individuals sought after for health advice to evaluate our vision rehabilitation program. We may extend press passes to anyone in a position to bring vision health education to a significant readership. If you wish to experience the benefits of vision rehabilitation first hand, and share your experience with your audience, please consider the requirements:

Press passes may be available to freelance journalists, permanent staff writers, blog and forum owners, and long-standing moderators. We are glad to consider requests from a variety of media and venues, as long as an interest in vision health may be made as likely assumption of the audience.

You yourself, as the applying writer, have myopia. We are not seeking blind endorsements. We want you to actually experience improving eyesight, and have the opportunity to share your real, first hand experiences with your audience.

You are significantly inclined to improve your vision, and expect to participate in a rehab program for at least two months. It will take at least 60 days to make a notable impact on strain symptoms, institute habits for vision exercises, and adjust your prescription strength to a degree that would reasonably be labeled as progress. While the daily time commitment is not extensive, any physical rehabilitation does require participation. Be ready!

Most of all, we are looking for those who are actively involved in their own health and well-being, and are excited to share effective means of improving health with others. We do not have affiliate programs, payouts, bribes, or any types of means to solicit anything other than honest opinions and reviews.

If this is you, drop me a line at:


We hope to continue to raise awareness, and bring myopia sufferers alternatives besides permanent prescription requirements, that glass vision prosthetic, or invasive (and impermanent) surgery.