Natural Myopia Control

*International pricing:  Note that this pricing only applies to select countries.

This is everything you really need.  Sure, there’s fancier options here, but for the structured and support, this covers it all.

If McDonalds is the junk food of the world, this is your own organic garden.  You grow it, no mystery ingredients, no creeping myopia festering in your eyes. Understand exactly how your biology works, become the master of your own (eyesight) destiny.

Big words, but nothing less will adequately describe the power you will get from learning everything I know about myopia and healthy eyesight.

Join Now And Get


The full program, every session, covering every aspect of your myopia and how to recover your healthy eyesight.

30 sessions on close-up, close-up prescriptions, strain management, vision health in indoor / office environments, high myopia, astigmatism.


30 sessions on distance vision, distance prescriptions, focal stimulus, peripheral vision, outdoor activities, axial change, diet, long term strain management.


10+ bonus sessions on double vision, visual cortex training, night vision, leap improvements, overcoming plateaus, and color vision.


Full therapist support via the forum.


Prescription recommendations, lifestyle suggestions, tweaks to the sessions, all with our insightful therapists.  Member exclusive, available for a full 24 months of your therapy progress.

International Pricing:  Monthly USD 79 for 12 Months:

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If you have questions about the course, e-mail me, I usually will get back to you within a day.