Overview Of The Paid Web Course

Here is an overview of the system of the Web courses.  Some courses will deviate from this layout (child course for example).  The important thing to take away from this guide is the general process to expect, and what you will need to succeed.

Note that everything you need is also available freely from the articles and forum.  The course simply a) organizes the contents into a step by step approach and b) includes therapist support via the forum.

This summary should be helpful to get you organized and ready:

Week 1 Contents

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The First Week

#1: Snellen & Strain Awareness
#2: Close-Up Focal Plane
#3: Snellen How-To
#4: Outdoor Exercise
#5: Peripheral Awareness

Understanding How To Measure Your Eyesight

Measuring Your Eyesight Is Key To Your Success.

1)  You need to know how to measure, so you can accurately determine your prescription needs.  We will help you with this with several simple tools, and support in the forum.

2)  You will use measurements to assess the degree of eye strain caused by your daily activities.  This will also help you target areas to improve eyesight health.

3)  Measurements will help you gauge your progress and show how effective your strategies and the course are for you.

4)  The log you will create from your measurements will help keep you motivated and strengthen habits that will continually build improvements over time.


Matching Your Eyesight To Healthy Prescriptions

Most Prescriptions Actually Create More Myopia.

If you have been following the site for a while, you already know all about progressive myopia.  Glasses play a major role in how much myopia develops in your vision.

Once you understand how to measure your eyesight, you can begin to take corrective action.  The course will show you how to match the correct amount of diopters to your focus distance needs.  Along with instruction we will add habit building activities to help translate theory and principles into useful tools for you.

Habits will define your success with the course.  We are not going to do time consuming exercises or complicated activities.  Everything is geared to give you ways to introduce small adjustments for better eyesight health.

Week 2 Contents

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The Second Week

#6: Snellen Results
#7: Review
#8: Retinal Shaping (RS)
#9: RS Review
#10: Myopia and Depression

All In One Month:  The Core Course

A Course Designed For Busy Lives.

The course is designed to fit a busy lifestyle.  We break things down into manageable pieces, taking about 20 minutes per installment.  The idea is to introduce eye healthy strategies at a pace that you can easily implement and slowly transition to a healthier vision environment.

In the first month we deal only with how to measure, close-up strain, and close-up prescriptions.

Since most of your time is taken up by close-up activities (work and recreation), this is most likely to affect your eyes more than anything else.  We take this assumption and piece by piece work through the aspects that hurt your eyes, and how to fix them.

Week 3 Contents

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The Third Week

#11: Myopia and Alcohol
#12: Focal-Plane Exercise
#13: Key Dietary Supplements
#14: Exercise Variations
#15: Voluntary Muscle Control

Once you had time to address the damaging effects of close-up with better habits and a close-up specific prescription (differential prescription), we start to look at the other pieces that will help you improve your eyesight.

This is the core course in a nutshell.  Measuring eyes, close-up strain management, differential prescription.

Week 4 Contents

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The Fourth Week

#16: Looking at the Forums
#17: Close-Up – a Limited Resource
#18: Review / Preview
#19: Rehab Treats
#20: Myopia Prevention in Children

Extended Course:  Distance Vision & More

There Is More If You Want More.

The course is designed to give you everything you need most, in the first month (core course).  That way you get all the key pieces and our support for the lowest possible cost and the shortest amount of time.

But if you want to get into more topics, and possibly support this site and the course further with your financial contributions, we have up to two additional months of helpful strategies.

We will discuss how to adapt your distance prescriptions to fit the same rehabilitative method as your close-up prescriptions and habits.  We will learn about pulling focus, the most effective stimulus for eyesight improvement.  Along with that we look at peripheral vision, how to leverage night vision, double vision, and all other aspects of eyesight improvement strategies.

This is all optional.  You can take the core course, and use it’s lessons to improve your eyesight.  You may later decide to come back and get more, once you get a few months of solid improvements.  Or you may just continue from the core course to the optional advanced contents.  Either way we’ve got your back with forum support and ongoing (free) updates with how-to articles, participant stories, and much more.

Extended Course Contents

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Extended Course


#21: Exercise Variations
#22: Easy Focal Plane Tip
#23: Check Ciliary Function
#24: Another Focal-Plane Trick
#25: Double Down


#26: Squinting and Blinking
#27: Foundation for Progress
#28: Jeff Recounts His Experience
#29: Normalized Prescription Part I
Near Focus Exercises – Day 1-5


Customized Exercise Programs
Myopia Calculator
Near Focus Exercises – Day 6-10
Normalized Prescription Part II
The Android Centimeter Calculator


Near Focus Exercises – Day 11-15
#30: No Correction Sundays
#31: The ‘What Can You See’ Game
Near Focus Exercises – Day 16-20
Program Reviews


Near Focus Exercises – Day 21-25
#32: Astigmatism Correction Exercise – The Cognitive Sweep
Progress Survey
#33: Time to Revisit Prescriptions


Focal Plane Equalizing
Preventing Burnout
Coactive Divergence Correction (I)
Tools of Professionals – 4 Ways To Track Progress


Avoid These Prescription Mistakes
#38: Cognition and Velocity
#39: Preventing the ‘Bad’ Plateau
#40: The Looking Glass’


#41: New Focus Pushing Work
#42: What a Centimeter Improvement Really Means
#43: Axial Elongation Expressed in Diopters
#44: Incremental Focus Pulling


#45: The Importance of the ‘Lock In’
#46: Focal Point Tricks – Reset by Prescription
#47: How To Get Leap Improvements with Focus Pushing
#48: Divide and Conquer


#49: The Sniper Stare – Improving Focus
#50: The Fourth Focal Plane of Myopia Rehab – Weaning Off Prescription Habits
#51: How To – Breaks from Active Myopia Rehab Work
#52: Astigmatism Correction – Do You Actually Need It?


#53: Astigmatism Correction & Lens Complexity
#54: Astigmatism Reduction Process – Low Myopia
#55: Advanced Focal Plane Stimulus
#56: Your Differential Prescription is Too High


#57: Astigmatism Reduction Process (to -5D)
#58: The Peak Prescription
#59: Getting The Most From Your Peak Prescription


#60: Vacation Series Part 1
#61: Breakthrough Material (Blur vs. Double Vision)
#62: Negative vs. Positive Focus Pushing


How To Prepare For The Course

First and most important, be patient.  You don’t want to rush this, or skim it, or just mix and match.  We spent a lot of time creating and tweaking the course, and the forum support therapists assume that you have questions based on following the course details.

If you want to get ahead, download a Snellen chart and the diopter tape.  Learn about active focus and blur horizon.  Here are some links that will help you get started.

Blur Horizon: http://courses.endmyopia.org/frauenfeld-method-key-concepts-the-blur-horizon/

Active Focus:  http://courses.endmyopia.org/how-to-finding-active-focus/

Eye Charts:  http://courses.endmyopia.org/measure/#chart

Printable Myopia Ruler:  http://courses.endmyopia.org/measure/#ruler

Measuring Eyesight:  http://courses.endmyopia.org/myopia-calculator-2/

If above is a lot of information, not to worry.  The course will break it all down into individual pieces for you!