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Today, a little talk about your distance total.

“What’s your distance total for the week?”  I ask this question whenever I get someone who isn’t getting expected improvements.  It happens, however fairly infrequently.

Let me explain:

Myopia is of course first a result of too much close-up.

Or in other words, not enough distance vision.  Other factors, we already know about lens-induced myopia and all that.

But to the core of the issue.  Lack of using the eyes as intended.

These days we mostly want to keep our bodies in shape, just to avoid illness and old-age related problems.  Or to look good.  Not that many people who go to the gym and run on treadmills, do so to run fast to catch dinner.  Or escape from being something’s dinner.

Most of us, most of the time, just maintain our body well enough to stop it from look bad or fall apart on us.

Eyes, same thing.  Screens are far more interesting than real life (to many people).  Close-up tends to pay the bills (for many people).  Those of us who realize the sham that is optometry, keeping our eyes healthy becomes much like going to the gym and running on treadmills.

With the minor wrench in the works being … your friend Jake.

I do say, hey let’s use those eyeballs as intended.  Eyes don’t require catching lunch or running from tigers.  But it’s mighty difficult using only close-up vision tricks to keep healthy distance vision.  I can do a lot if you give me a just a couple of hours of your close-up time, trade it for distance vision.  I can do more with that than science would reasonably expect.

But I can’t do miracles.

You do need some distance vision, every day, to make consistent gains, and to keep your eyes healthy.

Action Items

This is a penalty free exercise.  I’m springing it on you on purpose, to make a point for you.

Follow yourself along this week.  Don’t alter your current habits.  Just observe for yourself.  You don’t have to tell me the results, just do it for the sake of .. science.  😉

Add up this:

Every 30 minutes of uninterrupted outdoor distance vision.  Not looking at the ground in front of you while hurrying to the subway.  Actually facing the world, looking at street signs, doing some focus.

Count how many times a day you get 30 minutes, uninterrupted.

No smartphone out of pocket, uninterrupted.

Just do it.

And then, add up every 60 minute period you do the same.  Uninterrupted distance vision.  Do it for a week, based on your current habits.

Every time you check your smartphone, the clock is reset.  Doesn’t count.  (I’ll tell you why, later).

That’s the activity for now.  And yes, I didn’t tell you specifically to do uninterrupted distance vision before.  I didn’t do it, on purpose.  Because this way you’ll get a lot more out of the lesson than you would have if I’d told you ahead of time.

Trust me on this one.  Just add up your times for the week.

After that, we’ll look at what it means, and how many uninterrupted distance vision periods you should have, and why.



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