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I’m going to scare you just a tiny little bit, today.  (but not really)

Take a look at this post from Fleur, in the forum.  Fleur found some other thing on the Internet, promising to fix her eyesight.  It’s a well marketed book (and whatever else), they used to spam even me quite a bit.

Well, Fleur didn’t have a great experience:

I have three questions of which two relate to my earlier effort of eyesight improvement following the power vision system. I started with reduced prescriptions approximately 7.5 months ago.

My full prescription is currently around -5.5 left and -4.25 right (lenses). My first reduced prescription (glasses) 7.5 months ago was -4.5 left and -3.5 right. After a while I felt that my vision improved, which is why I reduced my prescription again, to -3.25 for both eyes. I thought it would take time for my eyes to improve again, which is why I have been wearing this prescription for multiple months. However this improvement did not happen, my eyes did sometimes hurt and I started to see a black haze now and then (especially when I looked into light and then from left to right or up and down). Last week I decided to go back to the -4.5/-3.5 prescription. I can not see clearly with these glasses anymore, which means that I lost the initial improvement, and I got a huge headache and thick, read eyes the first day. However, now I feel that my eyes are starting to get used to these glasses again and I think I see the black haze less often.

From the forum.  The full thread is here.

Why that forum post, here?

Because it serves to make a point.  I do alternate between overstating and understating my own amazingness.  It’s because it’s appropriate, both directions.  I’m not that incredible of a person, and what we do here is just getting your eyes back to a natural state.  No big deal.

But on the other hand, most of the more easily found things online, and even behavioral optometrist things, vary between less-effective and downright not-so-great-at-all.

Before I went all rogue and on this path of my own way, I tried everything else out there.  I’m not the reinvent the wheel type.  I don’t sit in my garage, refurbishing old timey cars by hand.  I’d buy them on eBay.  (not saying that proudly, just for reference)

But there truly just isn’t anything out there, that I found, that I’d give a thumbs up to.  Hence, the Jake-guru, with all the various flaws that you so graciously put up with.

To the point:

Follow the sessions.  This is all pretty carefully mapped out, and as Fleur will tell you, the alternative might be less than a great experience.

Incidentally, Christian posted in the same thread:

Hi Fleur,

I know you addressed Jake but I would like to contribute to the conversation because I also read David de Angelis book and followed the Power Vision System for a while. Take this from a guy who lost almost 2 years figuring things out and wasting time and improvements. This is just my opinion of what I would do if I was you:

1. Forget about the power vision system. Eye rotations and playing with prescriptions is impractical. Myopia has very little to do with the muscles around the eye. It has all to do with the lens inside the eye and where the light falls on the retina. Although I subjectively felt my vision improved after eye rotation those results are not permanent. The key in improving your vision relied in habits. Good vision habits (which you’ll learn here), healthy eyesight.
2. Pay attention to learn from the instalmments on this program only. If you mix ideas from here with the ones you learned before, like I did, you may jsut end up feeling confused.
3. To answer your first two questions: I think that if you’re just stating this program you should start with glasses tha give you 20/20 vision and then, from what you learn through the installments, you’ll be able to reduce your prescription wisely. If you don’t have any glasses right now that give you 20/20 I think it said on the first installment that 20/40 would be fine (not ideal, but fine).
4. To answer your third question: What causes strain to our eyes is focusing at a short distance for long periods of time. So if you travel by train and you’re looking outside that’s awesome. Enjoy your vision. Look inside the train, outside the train, look at the colors and shapes around you, the writings, the people, etc. Your eyes are meant to let you see the world; take advantage of that. It would not be ideal though, to use a computer or read a book inside the train because, for one, you will be focusing up close (which is strain) and secondly, if the train shakes too much while moving it may cause a little more strain to your brain because, as I understand, your brain has to work a little heard to keep the image of the letters on the page aligned while they are moving.
-> Just remember, whenever you have he opportunity to look away from a screen or a book, take it and go use your eyes, whether it’s looking through the window of a train or sitting at a park and looking at everything around you. Anytime away from screens and short static distances is good.
5. If you are just staring the program keep in mind that the coming installments might answer your questions. So don’t worry. Just remember, and I will repeat myself: forget the Power Vision System and save yourself time and confusion.

You’ve come to the right place.

You’re probably fortunate not to have gone through Fleur or Christian’s detour, to get here.  You spent a fairly notable amount of money on a guy you never met, and who you know mostly for having a bit of a guru-complex.  😉

Let’s get on to today’s business!

A few quick changes you might be ready for at this point.

Action Items

You can increase your time between close-up breaks again.  We talked about an hour, you can go as far as two if you need to.  As discussed previous, three hours is a definite limit, after which you should go outside till you feel that your vision has reset (you can read the same signs you could in  the morning, before close-up).

Simple enough.

You can take it to the three hour limit if you must, though I’d suggest waiting at least till you’re at 4-6 months in.  The way you’ll know that you are there is when you go to three hours and you can just feel it, in a way that you didn’t used to.  Your eyes feel dry, a bit burning, and you really, really want a break at that point.

That’s strain awareness, and the point of keeping really short breaks for a while, and just gradually getting them longer, is to give you this awareness back.

That’s it for today!



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