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Last session, probably has you doing a bit of work to get ready for that normalized prescription still.

It’s a key prescription.  Close-up, the differential prescription primarily works to reduce eye strain. It also gives us some stimulus to improve your eyesight, though that’s fairly minimal.  Over the past couple of years I found others copying our approach here to some extent, though they seem to all be missing some of the key parts.

Everything I find online, especially when I get e-mails, goes back to people trying to improve their eyesight, using close-up specific prescriptions.

Curiously this theory was nowhere to be found, till a couple years after this site came along.

But they’re wrong.  Yes, close-up specific prescription can do a whole lot to change the focal plane, even to give you a blur horizon and let you push some focus.  We’ve been saying this for years.  But what they got wrong is that this alone will fix your eyesight.

Because it won’t.

It’s ironic, that even those with the best of intentions, try to fix distance vision with close-up vision.  Fix the problem while sticking exactly with the distance that causes the whole issue in the first place.

So, no.  If you read about various close-up lens therapies, you might chuckle and realize that they’re just copycats.  Close-up strategies reduce the symptom causing aspects of your myopia.  That’s mostly all.

If you want the sort of improvement that participants describe in the forum, you’ll need to also apply distance vision.

Like I always say … only distance vision can fix distance vision.

That’s why this next step is so important.  Getting your normalized, and then applying the same approach with reading the sessions and following the actions items.  You’re already familiar with it, since it’s quite similar to the differential prescription approach.

And then you’ll have the second tool, to get into all the distance vision goodness, and the stimulus that gets the most improvement returns.

Action Items

As you get into this next round, don’t forget to build on the close-up habits.

Close-up is our strain risk, and where the bad stimulus tends to happen.  No matter how much we do on the good stimulus front coming up, if you don’t have strain under control, it won’t help you any.  Close-up is our problem child.  We need the breaks, we need to make sure your centimeters don’t deteriorate too much throughout the day.  We need to never use full prescriptions.  We need good light.

How about peripheral vision?  When’s the last time you were looking at your screen and remembered that yo can see more than just that small space right in front of you?

Not recently, quite possibly.

As you read this, just be aware of your peripheral vision.  Write yourself a sticky note, or a random daily calendar reminder.  “Checked your peripheral vision today?”

It’s the little things.

Make sure you check off all the habits.  Lighting.  Breaks.  Keeping close to blur horizon.  Pushing a bit of focus.

These are what are going to get you where you need to be.   Some good close-up stimulus, and lots of reduced close-up strain.  We’ll add distance activities to complete the picture.  Early on is when habits are made and we definitely want these to stick.

You’ll keep improving month after month, year after year, with the habits that might seem like a bit of an annoyance today.  Whatever you let slide a little today, is going to slide a LOT six months from now.

Don’t let anything slide.  An hour and a half, take a real break.  Don’t work in the dark.  Push your distance.  Keep on it till it’s second nature.

We’ll be talking about a few of these things, while I’m waiting to get your normalized questions, and the average time it tends to take to get that new prescription into your hands.  After which we’ll get on to that subject.

Meanwhile, if you get your normalized early, RESIST THE URGE to start wearing it.  Seriously.  The first time is pretty important.

More on that soon.


– Jake

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