Your Current Glasses Are Making Your Eyes Worse.

Often referred to as “near induced transient myopia” in clinical studies, this early form of myopia is temporary, and goes to about -1.5 diopters.  If instead of being prescribed glasses, the cause would be managed, your myopia would have never gone beyond that initial stage.


NITM, Before You Get Glasses, Myopia Is Just A Temporary Symptom.

Clinical studies refer to myopia increased by glasses as “lens induced myopia”.  There are hundreds of studies discussing the outcome of wearing minus lenses – increasing myopia is always the end result.

Limiting long stretches of close-up focus, learning how to relax your ciliary muscle, actively engaging focus, all of these things are entirely more reasonable than simply wearing a massive focus-changing eyeglass prescription.

To reduce myopia, we have to begin looking at a healthier way to manage your glasses prescriptions.


Understanding Healthy Eyesight Prescription Concepts:

You don’t need your full minus prescription to see an object at 50cm – the distance to your computer screen. Wearing the full minus prescription for this is much like taking a powerful prescription pain killer for a light headache – a highly excessive correction, which affects your eyes long term.

Even if you chose to leave this page without further researching rehabilitation, consider just this one point: Wearing your full minus prescription glasses while focused up close is quite bad for your long term vision health. I will be glad to further explain this at our forum, or in private via e-mail if this is at all unclear.


We Have To Eliminate The Cause, To Fix Your Eyes:

Stronger and stronger prescriptions do one thing:  they hide the symptom, nothing more.


We Change Prescriptions To Build Healthier Eyesight:

We do not advocate throwing away your glasses. Instead, we use them to allow you to ‘wean off’ the massive prescription dose you have become acclimated to, and provide focal stimulus for rehabilitation.

If you are myopia and own one pair of glasses, you are not allowing your eyes to ever recover.


We Encourage Your Eyes To Find Better Focus:

 We work a lot with focus-seeking exercise: Simple ideas, such as reading at a distance where text barely begins to blur – moving your head slightly to continue seeking that point where blur becomes sharp focus.

These are all simple concepts, there is no complex magic to effective rehabilitation. Eliminate strain, provide stimulus, engage your eyes in the process of focus.  We do not create anything new. We simply reverse lifestyle induced problems, which were aggravated by incorrect or excessive corrections.


Understand Your Eyes:  Measurements And Healthy Habits:

You can easily measure your eyesight at home, with your own Snellen test. Or you can use this very simple centimeter calculator to check your vision while at the computer or reading a book. You can see how much your vision actually changes depending on the kind of day you are having, how much time you spent up close, lighting, and other factors.

Measurements are an excellent ways to track progress, and understand how much your eyesight changes based on environmental factors – even inside just a single day.

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