Recover Your Healthy Eyesight.

This site is designed to do one thing:  Provide the tools to help you improve your vision.

You’ll learn the techniques, tools and information you need to care of your own eyes. At the end of this program, you’ll be able make continual improvements to your eyesight and evaluate whether professional advice will help or harm your vision.


Get To Know The Method

Here we deal exclusively with a rehabilitative approach with eyesight, and ways to manage and improve vision health without resorting to permanent prescriptions.  

Basically, unlike most mainstream outlets, we don’t give up on your eyes, by just prescribing you glasses and sending you home.  We work with you to actually fix the root causes and help you get your vision back.

1. Who We Are, What We Do

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3. What To Expect From The Program




Four Myopia Facts

While this site has a plethora of information available, these 4 articles are the definitive starting point for understanding and recovering your vision. You’ll learn the science of how myopia happens (without having to take a Biology course), why your eyes get worse, and what you can do to reverse the damage done by glasses.

You’ll get an idea of what is possible, what is real, what is just an attempt to get your money in addition understanding the basics of how your eyes work.

We’ll take a look at what caused your myopia, and what is necessary for a recovery program to work not just today and every day afterwards.

Get started on the road to recovery here:


1. Causes of Blurry Vision

2. Secrets of Getting to 20/20

2. Clinical Research They Never Showed You

4. The Four Pillars of Perfect Eyesight


Meet The Community

There’s nothing like talking to someone who understands exactly we’re you’re at and what you’re going through to help you stay committed to a task at hand.

You’ll have access to a forum of helpful members from across the world, plus a dedicated Web program to help you accomplish your vision goals.

If you’d like to kick it up a notch and accelerate your recovery, you can also team up with a one-on-one therapist to help you overcome high myopia, or help prevent myopia for your children.

1. Therapist Moderated Myopia Forum

2. Frequently Asked Questions

3. Fix Your Eyes: The Online Program

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Get The Free Course

A four part course, to help you discover better habits to keep your eyes healthy, or to avoid increasing myopia.  It is as straightforward as it is comprehensive, and a strong starting point for healthier vision:

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Explore The Blog.

Quite a few of the topics from the online vision improvement program find their way into the blog.  So even if you are not signed up to work on improving your vision, you can still get tons of advice, entirely for free. Here’s a sample of what you can expect.

Most popular posts:

Why Natural Vision Improvement Fails

Your Prescription is Hiding a Bigger Problem

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing:  Your Optometrist Shop

Saving Your Childs (Healthy) Eyesight

Of course there are lots more.  Take a look at more vision insights at the blog.

I try to update new posts about three times per week.  I cover everything from child myopia subjects, to ways to evaluate programs, find good local resources, where to buy glasses, and how to protect your eyes.  Check back again for the latest topics.

Enjoy the journey to better eyesight!




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