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    Why do I find that my vision is worse after extended outdoor time and when I first wake up.
    I have found that my vision is always worse the first 30min after waking up. I have noticed this even as a kid. Everything far-ish ~2m+ I can see normally during the day is blurry after I wake up.
    I also find that after a long day outside, such as after I have gone hiking or skiing for the entire day, text on the TV that I can normally see appears blurry, and I have a very hard time cleaning the blur. This is also true when I go camping for a few days. I find that the worse offender is gardening.

    When you say go outside, does indoor sports such as badminton count (I do a lot of this), and does looking out the window count (I have a habit of people/car watching).
    Also, any benefit in going outside when it is dark? It will get dark at 4pm soon…

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    • Jake S.
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      Going theory is that the ciliary body in your eyes can not only curve the lens (for close-up) but also flatten it, when needed, for distance.

      The lens should be flat when the ciliary muscle is relaxed, but … well the biology is still not 100% understood, and apparently the muscle can compensate in both directions.

      This is what we think causes the generally weakened vision later in the day when you added a lot more distance time than you normally have.

      The fix for this, is slowly ramping up to more consistent distance time, as well as checking eye chart for ciliary spasm from close-up. By slowly addressing any over close-up use with more breaks, and adding distance gradually, you should stop having that particular issue with decreased acuity.

      Yes indoor sports is great. Following a rapidly flying ball while also being physically active is about as good as it gets!

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