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    I wanted to share a progress update. I’ve been doing my centimeter measurements for a week now and I’m about to order my first differentials. Since my situation is bit different from the average I wanted to share my thought process and ask what you think.

    First, I went to a local optometrist to have them read my current prescription and here are my diopters:
    Left: -5.25 (S) -1.00 ( C ) 16 (A)
    Right: -5.37 (S) -0.75 ( C ) 1 (A)
    PD: 67
    My centimeter average for last week:
    Left: 18.26cm
    Right: 17.29cm
    Since I had my eye surgery just about a month ago, I haven’t gotten a new prescription yet. With my current prescription, I have 20/20 vision in my left and 20/40 vision in my right eye. My right eye is just around the blur horizon when I’m up close so I’m thinking to use this as the starting point for my differential and only decrease the diopters in the left.

    I also purchased a trial lens kit and I tried to correct my eyes to 20/20. Since I’m still trying to figure out how to measure my astigmatism correctly, I only used the spherical lenses but my left eye is around -6.0 D and my right is around -7.0 D.

    I’m thinking to drop the cylinders completely and start with -4.75 D for left and -6.0 D for right eye. I tried this setup with my trial kit while working on the computer and it felt good but I would appreciate if you can share your thoughts and let me know if I’m ignoring something completely.

    Also, I was wondering if I could use my test lens kit as my differential. I work from home so no one would look at me thinking I’m an odd ball and in the long run it would make switching lenses easier. I’m just not sure if it has any negative effect that I might be missing? Any thoughts on that?

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      Addressed externally.

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