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    Xuan Zhang
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    I wanted to share a progress update. I’ve been doing my centimeter measurements regularly (not every day) now and I’m about to order my first normalized glass.
    On september, When I started this course, I went to a local optometrist, here is the prescription for my full correction:
    R -6,0 sph, -0,5 cyl axis 90
    L -5,25 sph, -0.50 cyl axis 140
    PD: 60
    At that time, the current distance glasses I was using:
    R: -6 sph, – 0.5 cyl axis 90
    L: -5.25, 0 cyl
    Since my main purpose was to get my differential glasses, so I did not change the distance glasses I was using at the time, here is my differential glass(I didn’t drop my astigmatism, because I was in too much of a hurry, I didn’t follow jake’s lessons fully, and that was my mistake):
    R -4,5 sph, -0,5 cyl axis 90
    L -3,75 sph, 0 cyl axis
    I’ve been using this differential glasses for about two months, and work on creating new habits.
    The major changes from Sep to Nov:
    the naked eys centimeter: from 20.5cm to 21.5cm
    the the centimeter using differential glass: from 50cm to 57cm
    the eye chart using the current glasses: from 20/25 little blur to 20/20 little blur, even can read the 9th lilne of the 3m eye chart.
    These changes give me a lot of confidence, thank you Jake.
    SO I’m thinking of getting my first Normalized glasses.
    But I’d like to ask you a few questions here:
    1. According to my prescription for full correction on September (R -6,0 sph, -0,5 cyl axis 90; L -5,25 sph, -0.50 cyl axis 140), I have astigmatism for both eyes. But my current using glass ONLY have astigmatism correction for my right eyes (R: -6 sph, – 0.5 cyl axis 90; L: -5.25, 0 cyl).
    My question is: Should I have astigmatism corrected for both of my eyes when I getting my first Normalized glasses?or Or you have some other suggestions for me?
    2. the Optometrist said I have about +1 presbyopia,Are there any other factors I should consider?(I am a scientific researcher, Close-up work takes up half of my working time)
    3. Imagine what I might encounter this situation: I got my first Normalized glasses for this (R -5.5 sph, L -5.0 sph, so the difference betweent right and left is 0.5 diopter), but my current differential glass is this (R -4.5 sph; L -3.75, so the difference betweent right and left is 0.75 diopter), so what should I do NEXT(I remember you said: One change at a time)? Still use current differential glass for close-up? or change a new one? or other principle and suggetions?
    Thank you very much.

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    • Jake S.
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      Great, great work. No big deal about having that cylinder still in the differentials for the first ones, also.

      Cylinder: Check eye chart, especially maximum distance or not ideal lighting – do you get any ghosting, double vision? That would be the symptom of needing some cylinder correction, possibly. If that’s not the case, leave as is. Next time you change differentials, consider reducing cylinder there first.

      Optometrist and presbyopia. It’s usually a sales pitch. Check out the very first video in the first course session. See what your centimeter is without glasses but how CLOSE you can get before there is blur. Keep a note of it so you can compare in the future.

      Short version: If you have no problem seeing small fonts close, there is no issue.

      Optometrists will almost always try to find something to sell you new glasses either way. 😉

      As far as reducing diopter ratio for normalized, make sure it’s appropriate. Do the centimeter / eye chart results confirm that you want that lower diopter ratio? Has there been any additional improvement in the right eye to suggest it is ready for additional blur challenge?

      In most cases you would not reduce diopter ratio initially – unless it feels like the wrong ratio / too high for what you need.

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