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    Jennifer Lee
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    I started back to 20/20 recently and is about to start using differentials.
    I have a broken wrist now so it is not too easy to do the convenient store method at the moment.
    Would like some help selecting my differentials as I don’t want to wait until my wrist get better to start.

    Current Glasses:
    Last Prescription Dated 2018: R -4.50 SPH -.50 CYL +70.0 AXIS
    L -5.00 SPH -.75 CYL +7.0 AXIS

    Snellen Chart Result: Can read 20/25, but not crisp

    CM Results Average: R 20-21cm (sometimes 22) L 19-20cm
    I have the most trouble with finding the edge of blur possibly due to the astigmatism. I see doubles in the vertical dimension.

    Close up distance is about 60-70cm

    My Proposed Selection: R -3.50, drop CYL
    L -4.00, drop CYL

    Rationale: I think my right eye has gotten worse since the last prescription potentially due to excessive cell phone used a few months back. I can see the Snellen chart a lot clearer with my left eye than my right eye with my current distance glasses.
    R: -4.5(pres) – 1.5(diff) + 0.25(.5 cyl) +0.50(eyes got worse) = – 3.75
    L: -5.00(pres)-1.5 (diff)+ 0.5(-.75 cyl) = 4.00

    What do you think?

    Thank you!

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    • Jake S.
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      Yes I would have said too, drop 1 diopter for a start – especially since the full minus isn’t giving you ideal resolution on the eye chart.

      The cylinder drop is definitely an experiment. Might be fine, but could also end up challenging. If it’s cheap to buy get with and without, or if buying local ask the optometrist to let you try both with a test lens kit.

      And try to limit media consumption at phone distance. 😉

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