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    Hi Jake

    I have received a suggestion from my optometrist to wear a 1 diopter difference in my lenses to help me with reading.
    As I get older, close up reading with my contact lenses are an issue for me.

    My prescription is 2.75 (L) and -3 (R) but the optician suggested that I wear -2.75 (L) and -1.75 (R) so I don’t have to wear reading glasses.
    Does this sound like a good idea?

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      #1, it is impossible for me to comment on diopters without measurements.

      How do you see with the given diopters?

      That may help us understand why the optometrist would suggest a 40% change in refractive power, in just one eye. It does sound rather alarming.

      Also curious whether you are doing the course, and what further may be prompting this whole idea. I also don’t understand why you’d be reading with distance contact lenses. Are you not using differentials?

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