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    Just got to the differential session. Note that I have been toying with EndMyopia for 2 years already, so right now I am using a differential with
    R: sph -2/ cyl -0.75
    L: sph -3.75/ cyl -1.5
    This gives me about 55cm in good lighting.
    I have found that with the test lens kit, I can also get about 55cm with
    R: sph -2.25/ cyl -0.25
    L: sph -3.75/ cyl -1
    Does it make a difference at all which prescription I use?

    My last optometrist prescription is from 2 years ago, and it is:
    R: sph -3.75/ cyl -1.5
    L: sph -5.25/ cyl -2.5

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    • Jake S.
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      Test lens kit usually needs ‘calibration’. Compare same diopters of glasses with test lens kit, see if / how that’s different. Usually helps indicate what the test lens kit shows for accuracy.

      If you can reduce the spherical diopter ratio while also reducing cylinder for differentials without issues, that would be ideal. Though don’t force it, make sure eyes are happy with diopter adjustments.

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