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    So, I have passed the chapter “Myopia and depression”. And there was a line on color fringing (that actually does not exist). The thing is that when I was trying to practice Bates Method once I Tried forced solarisation. And after this “exercise” I noticed that I have a black spot in my vision. I immediately went to oculist to see whether I burned my eyes. They did many checks on different equipment and told me that there is not any damage, but it looks like “electroophtalmia” – condition that is often found among actors in circus who work under large projectors.

    The dot disappeared in one day, but i noticed that from this day on when i look at green lights (example – traffic light) i see a small sign of “blue” dot on the place of this “black” dot that appeared earlier.

    Is it also connected to brain work or my myopia? Or it is a damage?

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      I don’t know. I don’t recommend that Bates activity, and I’m not a doctor or have tools to do an exam to tell you. If there is no damage on the retina it may be plausible that it’s a visual cortex / interpretation-of-signal thing.

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