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    I am still unclear what exactly I am supposed to do with the 20min first thing in the morning without glasses. Am I supposed to look at something in particular? sit around and do nothing? just get on with my life as normal (which is brush my teeth, change, and run out the door) without glasses?

    Also, why first thing in the morning? Can this be in the afternoon or evening? I ditch my glasses when I am at the gym anyways.

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    • Jake S.
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      Just guidance, not requirement.

      First thing because otherwise you have ‘reference acuity’ from the lenses, and blur will appear … blurrier. It’s generally speaking less of a positive to take glasses off and then experience blur, vs. starting out with blur.

      First thing, to start the day with the awareness of where your natural vision is, and set up the conscious process of glasses being a crutch.

      Besides that sure, you can take them off whenever you feel it works best for you.

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