Jake S.
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Q1: Looks good to me!

Q2: Ah yes, initial excitement, impatience. You’re doing the right thing setting up success via good habits. The rest is all just keeping a log, realizing that eyes change very slowly, focus initial excitement on good habits. The rest will come.

Q3: Not necessary. Best thing have eye chart to check for ciliary spasm to tweak breaks to where you actually need them.

Thanks for the kind words!

Realize all this is totally normal. And most common error is too much, too fast. Over the past 20 years I figured out that 3-4 months is how long eyes take to adjust, if everything else is correct. So very slow. Slower even for things like diopter ratios, cylinder, etc. It takes weeks sometimes to even get decent initial data on changes.

Good habits win. Keep me posted!