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I’m reading the Peripheral Awareness module. My current Normalized glasses are,

OS -7.25
OD -6.25; -0.5 CYL

and the contact lenses conversion chart suggested the equivalent below,

OS -6.75
OD -5.75

but due to my high Rx my contact lenses brands only offer 0.5 diopter increments and no astigmatism correction because it’s already so low. So something like the Rx below is available,

OS -6.5
OD -5.5

1. Can I still make improvements if I wear 0.75 diopters undercorrected contact lenses or should I bump them to be 0.25 undercorrected instead? I want to use them for long outdoor walks/hikes and when I do archery class indoors.

2. And I am wearing an extra 0.25 diopters normalized for night/low lighting conditions. If I wear contacts too will this
be excessive focal plane changes? How should I manage this to make improvements? It’ll be a total of 4 plane changes a day – differential, normalized, night normalized, and contacts.