Jake S.
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Problem #1: Zero insights at all on your part on her vision noted here.

The optometrist is one data point. It’s also the people who cause the problem, so it’s certainly not the most relevant. This is why I say you need centimeter, eye chart, and real outdoor landmark logs to see how vision actually changed over time.

Re: Numbers

RIGHT: SPH(-8.75) ,CYL(+3.75) ,AXIS(O90)
LEFT: SPH(-8.50) ,CYL(+3.50) ,AXIS(O90)

That cylinder is quite unrealistic. If astigmatism was this high, she would see nothing but double images everywhere. Also note that astigmatism doesn’t increase like this. Look at causes of astigmatism, mainly the cornea shape – this doesn’t change, especially not rapidly.

I’d say that measurement is unlikely to be accurate.

Also please convert to minus cylinder. Plus is not commonly used (except some ophthalmologists). With normal minus cylinder her spherical is at -5. That would make her cylinder 75% of her spherical values, which is extremely unlikely.

You’ve been here long enough to know about self measurement. Please please include logs and observations, don’t make us go on one-off measurements at a shop!