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I walk several times a day including at night but it’s not a scheduled eye break just when I need it so not sure how to switch that up if it’s pretty random. I took an indoor archery class on Saturday and plan on making that a 1-2X/week hobby eventhough the lighting indoors is pretty terrible to add additional distance focus.

My current normalized is from March 2022 and I only bumped up my SPH by 0.25 in my R eye but kept everything else the same and my vision hasn’t gotten better. I don’t have an old pair of normalized on hand because I didn’t change prescriptions in a methodical manner so it’s random in an attempt to get back on track.

For a 3rd focal plane which do you recommend,

1. New normalized – adding 0.25 diopters to my current normalized to wear at night
2. New differential – adding 0.25 diopters to my current differential and increase screen distance. So would this be my default differential to use then?

I am going through the entire course and it’s great to review the concepts and get a better understanding to start fresh.