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Frank Cestone
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Jake, its been some time since I last emailed You, I believe it was April this year when I asked about adding cyl to contacts lenses, when You advised that it was not necessary. Anyway, it has been around 4-5 years since starting the program. Since starting it, I realized what works and what does not, to some great extent, but at the same time have had no real noticeable improvement, i.e. lens reductions. For some time, a few years, My left eye seemed to do most of the focusing and My right eye slowly followed, but this was before I added cyl to the right eye in the glasses. Adding cyl to the eyeglasses seemed to make it easier for the right eye to focus, but I still feel that I must not be doing something fundamentally correct for very little improvement in past years. Since starting the program, I have allways wished to speak with You real time just to talk about My journey, so that You and prehaps others in the program, may get a better idea of what is fundamental and works and what does not. Would it be possible if We can talk about the journey I have had thus far?
Thanks Jake
-Frank Cestone