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***CM over 4 days (Th F Sat Sun); 3 to 4 measurements/day,

OS 15.5 to 17; average 16.5
OD 16.5 to 18; average 17.5

Both eyes 16.5 to 18; average 17.0

***Average CM from EM calculator translates to,

OS -6.0
OD -5.75

***Current Normalized,

OS -7.25
OD -6.25; -0.5 CYL

***Current Differential,

OS -5.5
OD -4.5

***20 ft Snellan

I can read most letters of 20/30 or 20/40 indoors depends on lighting and time of day but it’s not sharp. At peak brightness indoors I can make out the shapes of the letters at 20/20 but it’s not crystal super clear or sharp.

How come even with extra diopter correction in my normalized compared to my CM the entire 20ft Snellan still isn’t sharp? Even the top lines they aren’t crisp.

I’m totally confused as how come the numbers don’t add up. Maybe I’m missing something but I know I have no ciliary spasm. I spent most Sat/Sun away from any close up work and outside. Humidity level here is 25% as I’m in the desert not using eye drops. Dry eyes?