Xuan Zhang
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Hi, Jake, here is my son’s progress:
the differential glass he used from September:
R -3,75 sph, L -4,0 sph
the the centimeter using differential glass: from 50cm to 57cm
the nakded centimeter both eys: 21cm-22cm
He is very happy to see the change in his eyes. Thank you very much.

1. So I am thinking lower the differential glasses for him, because he can’t do active focus at 57cm distance. Is it ok lower the differential glasses diopter to get the 50 cm reading distance for active focus?

2. Another question, the winter had come, his current glasses could not see the blackboard as clearly as they could in summer. He says he can still read the writting, It’s just a little more blurring (It is also possible that astigmatism is not corrected in the left eye(R -4,75 sph, -0,5 cyl axis 70; L -5,0 sph, 0 cyl)). I definitely don’t want to increase diopter for him, but I also worry that too much blurring will be detrimental to the recovery of vision. Any suggestions?

Thank you so much.