Nikita Ostrikov
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-I see. Will it hurt my vision if I start to wear new strong lenses?
Sorry for many questions, I remember from my childhood how my parents kept changing new and new glasses for me and my vision declined more and more,

-Ah, so I should practice it any time I see a little bit of a blur? Like walking around and then “op” and blinking a little bit without tension before the picture i a little bit sharper. Is my idea right?

Also I wanted to share with you my latest observations. Long time ago I noticed that when I was a child with clear vision I always noticed a lot of, so to say, “stars moving around” in my vision when my eyes were closed (It looks a little bit like in old TV). Now I noticed that with bad vision my brain doesn’t concentrate on it and I just don’t notice them.
When I tried to force myself to actually “see” those small dots and concentrate on them (I saw that I can only concentrate on one of those in a moment) I had an impression that my vision improved. The effect was even clearer when I did it before falling asleep in bed. In the morning vision was better and I didn’t need a lot of concentration to see them.

Is it “Active focus”? Should I also practice it? Or it is just an observation and I should forget about it?