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Andrea Bell
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You know, I find that if I have one of those books with really nice paper, nice font, etc. I have a lot less of what I’ll call “background blur” (in close up no lens cm measuring). Things are pretty close to crisp like I’d had before.

I discovered that yesterday.

Whereas the thing I’m using to measure my cm is……well, it’s okay. It’s actually a page print of one of the early lessons here. But that printed page is fundamentally just a bit more blurry (to me) than a really nice book. (Which is why I’d written earlier that my cm measurements are a good approximation of the clearest point.)

This is good information for me to have.

So I used that super nice printed book, for presbyopia work, to pull focus (pulling my blur horizon closer to me).
I’m really proud of my eyes. They seem to be pretty good at clearing up presbyopia blur. I guess maybe cause it’s a more recent development and isn’t very advanced/serious.

In the distance active focus realm, I’m starting to get it. I am definitely noticing moments of clearing up, though they’re not yet reliable. I worked on that yesterday too and immediately afterwards I measured my all time happy centimeter: 18.5-19.

Yay progress!

I think I’m doing pretty good for being at it just under a month!