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Andrea Bell
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Okay, I’m going to come away from my upcoming eye exam with a clear understanding of all of her prescription recommendations.

Interesting thing about my current normalized:
Yesterday we had more grey light on my porch. I noticed there was more blur with the normalized than I’d noticed previously.
Then the cloud cleared, the brighter light came back and the blur cleared up.
Given that we’re heading into a darker, more grey season in the northern hemisphere, I think I’m going to stick with this normalized for a bit.

I’ve also figured out something else:
Since I’d been going around with far too much blur for far too long, and uncertain how to really get my eyes to start correcting it—-I think I unwittingly taught myself to tolerate too much blur. It made me uncomfortable so I turned my awareness away from it.

So I’m just re-learning what really sharp vision is like. I think that may be why I hadn’t really noticed the slight blur with my current normalized. There is actually some, here and there, if I know where to look for it (instead of avoiding awareness of it).

For now I’m going to delegate my video editing to my housemate. My eyes are telling me it’s just too much for right now. Also, I know myself. I have this tendency to dive into a project and have difficulty pulling myself away, so, for now, video editing is probably something to return to in the future. But not now.