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Andrea Bell
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Well, the current diopters in front of my eyes *are* my normalized.

Remember, I’d previously started this program—so I already knew not to go around wearing “the big guns” for everything. That’s how I ended up *already having* a differential (-5.75) and normalized (-6.75) when I first started (again) almost a month ago.

Currently I really only wear my full prescription for driving, and I don’t drive very often/far.

My current normalized is at -6.75 both eyes, with -0.75 cylinder correction (both eyes).
With that, I can see the 20/20 line on the 3m Snellen chart, outdoor shaded on my porch. That 20/20 line is mildly blurry but quite visible.

I’m thinking to order another set of lenses for the normalized—-same diopters but without the cylinder correction. For most of what I use them for I don’t have quite enough blur: I can see 100% crisp during the daytime. BUT, BUT, I’m not doing that just yet, changes are slow, and I want to get my differentials dialed in a little better first. So for now, leaving the current normalized alone. Is this a good strategy?

If you were me, what would you be doing about the video editing?
I really don’t want my eyes to crash like they did earlier this week. (But I have a video final project due, and my YouTube channel is languishing…)