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Jake S.
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Make sure the optometrist tells you the current diopters in front of your eyes so you can evaluate what you see on the chart, with some context.

If they’ll also let you use a test lens kit to see in real space afterwards, all the better.

Be sensitive to their business model. They can’t take up too much time per person without losing money. Do support their business and be sensitive to their time. 🙂

Otherwise there will be only ‘bad’ optometrists left.

Yes, diopter gap between distance and close up should be between 1 to 1.5 diopters. Not less not more.

I don’t recommend iPads for anything besides casual content consuming. For doing work the setup promotes too much proximity to a small screen. Unless you get the huge ipad and an external keyboard / mouse.

Don’t worry about the photo here, this forum is buggy. Just glad it works at all. 🙂