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Jake S.
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All good with posting, no worries! I have plenty of social anxieties, I totally get it.

First thing. Realistic expectations. It’s much healthier to set a realistic bar than hoping for the unlikely and then being disappointed. It’ll also lead to habits you don’t want, strain you don’t need, none of that is any good.

~1 diopter per year. That’s achievable. Initial gains can be up to 1 diopter. Just work through it, if you do it right the first time you won’t need to come back and do it over again. 😎

Yes, stress will affect eyesight. The system as a whole all works together.

I’m not sure that at around -2.75 you don’t want differentials. Again here, be realistic. Pushing past what’s reality with eyes, tends to be less effective than just relaxing and rolling with it.

I recommend our community forum also. It’s full of like minded and very nice people and lots of talk about physical and mental well-being. If you haven’t joined yet and want to, there is an invite in the first pinned post here in the support forum.