Andrea Bell
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Thanks, Jake.
I had intended to let this thread lie, right there.
But I’m experiencing something I figure I’d better run by you before I take any actions on it.

So currently my full prescription, let’s call it -7.25 diopters each eye. (I’ll have my annual eye doctor visit in about a week and a half.)

Currently, the differential prescribed by my doctor about a year ago (because I asked her for one) is -4.75 each eye.

If I am understanding correctly, in the lesson about differential, you were saying take your full prescription and subtract about 1.5 diopters.

-7.25 plus 1.5 is about 5.75. Not 4.75.

I’m mentioning this now because, with about three weeks of consistent work on this program—-and really thinking about what my eyes are doing, throughout the day—-

I’ve started to notice that my eyes really don’t seem to like my current (too low) differential.

I’m struggling to see things that are less than 50cm away from me. In fact my blur horizon is considerably less than 50cm away now, as I type this with my ipad on my lap, my elbows bent around 90 degrees. My impulse is actually to tilt my glasses upwards (to increase the diopters) but I’m really trying not to go around changing focal planes like that. (I admit, I used to be addicted to that really bad habit.)

As I type this I’m realizing that it might be because, I’m not just ignoring my focal problems anymore; I’m really attending to them. So now I think I can actually feel all this unhappy feedback from my eyes.

I know you said go slowly, and don’t change things quickly; however, I think my eyes are telling me that I need a stronger differential for the time being.

This is a problem because my profession depends on some (not a lot, but some) paperwork; and on meeting with people on Zoom. My eyes were so upset by around 40 minutes (with breaks) of close up paperwork yesterday late afternoon, I subsequently had to take my glasses off entirely to see my last client. (On video, and rather blurry) That was the only thing that stopped their balking.

The “old me” that enrolled in your program for the first time, would have said, “Screw it; I need this, just do it now/today”. (I have tons of glasses in varying diopters in my drawer, from my Bates days.) It would have been a combination of panic and headstrong ness (“These are my eyes and I know better than he does—-he’s not even here!”). Ha. See where that has gotten me.

So before I do anything I figured I better run it by you.

Thank you for your thoughts and guidance!