Andrea Bell
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Okay, thank you. This is all really helpful.

You’re giving me a structure and a way to think about these things—-AND, you’re catching me when I try to accelerate in my panic. Which is really helpful.

I tend to panic about my eyes because:
1. High myopia that’s only increased thus far; and I REALLY don’t want to develop any gnarly eye disorders; and
2. My father has pathological myopia (he started at -14 and -11) and he’s had all sorts of nasty eye disorders, including retinal detachment; and he’s been on this long, slow downhill slope towards going blind. His vision is currently pretty low. (Note: He hasn’t ever changed his habits, though. I tried to tell him, suggest to him……but…. You know how that goes.)

It’s true; multiple or rapid focal plane changes haven’t been so great (I’ve tried that as well). So yes, go slowly with that, gotcha.

So what I’ll focus on for now is:
1. Continue strain reduction and habit change for the better including breaks and outdoor work;
1a. Improve lighting in my office; and work in the (natural light) waiting room whenever possible;
2. Relax eyes and resume teaching myself active focus;
3. Find a new outdoor place with letters to check my vision. I’m really upset—-my VERY favorite coffee house was recently pushed out of business by a terrible landlord. It had been across the street from several street signs and advertisements I could focus my eyes onto. I’m having a little difficulty finding a suitable substitute that’s not substantially far out of my way.
4. Experiment with finding my blur horizon for the presbyopia; and start writing those down. I watched those videos again like you suggested; and I feel like I “got” what you’re saying. It’s slightly more fancy but the same principles: active focus for near vision and for far vision. More outdoor time. Gotcha.
5. See my optometrist in two weeks. Make sure I don’t have any physical eye disorders creeping up.

I suppose that’s plenty to work on for now.