Jake S.
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6. I wore my (-6.75 +0.75 cylinder) normalized around all day. Mostly outside on my patio with friends, not short distance work, no screens; but not maximal focal distance either.
This evening’s measurements are .5cm shorter than in the morning. (Although to be fair, the indoor lighting is not quite as good as outdoors in the morning.)

I’m concerned that my normalized might be too strong for most of what I’m doing with them (mid range work). I REALLY don’t want my axial length to increase any more than it already has. Is that a concern for me with these current normalized?

–> Do NOT change distance glasses now – if you’re following the course. This entire course relies on follow the sessions as outlined. It is a notable mistake to go changing all focal planes your visual cortex expects.

Side note, when we get to normalized (it’s 30 sessions in, just for perspective, it’s not a starting point for change), consider changing to minus cylinder from plus. Same vision, easier to manage relative spherical change log.