Andrea Bell
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Hey Jake, thank you so much. Really appreciate your support and guidance.

Okay, I’ll revisit the presbyopia video in the morning. It’s minimal; but it may be a factor. I’m encouraged that you said in the video that it clears up as we go, assuming we are going correctly.

I also have this cute little pocket 36cm eye chart (from Amazon) for when I’m on the go. Could that be useful? (Not “instead of” but “in addition to” the 3m Snellen.)

Yes, I’ll continue to check for strain throughout the day.

A few more questions:

1. I’m not certain what you mean in your response by (3)—could you please explain further?

Like I mentioned above, I’m not getting as much sharpness when I check my blur horizon, as compared to what I used to. My left eye has been examined after I did the stupid-phone-at-night experiment. Apparently I didn’t damage it, but it now has two cylinders of diopter in that spot, whereas before it used to have none.

So, 2. I’m wondering whether it’s this or the presbyopia, or both, that are causing the slight blurring of my previously perfect near focus?

3. Should I wait until my updated eye exam to “dial in” my normalized and differential—-and in the meantime, just work on clearing strain?

4. I’m concerned about going back to work on Monday. Work is my primary source of eye strain. (I’m in school, but I’ve gotten myself an app that reads PDFs aloud and that’s really helpful.) I know I need better lighting; but my back office is pretty darn dark. So I see all my video clients in my waiting room (which has natural light), but my in person clients love my back office. Do you have any suggestions for how I could look for better lighting options (without causing more eye strain from long internet searches)?

5. Thanks to my long history of Bates work, my eyes actually feel more relaxed without lenses, as long as I’m sitting, relaxing and looking into the distance without straining or expectation of focus. If I do this long enough, my eyes actually do this thing on their own, where they pull in these clear flashes. If there’s high contrast letters around, all the better: it’s like my eyes use them to pull focus, and suddenly I can see them clearly. I’m guessing that’s not a bad thing to do once in a while, given that I enjoy it and it’s relaxing?