Jake S.
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Nice! Perfect to put these ideas on a shelf till you’re ready for them. Plus you have plenty of experiment experience already, from Bates all the way to how your eye changes from any given activity.

I’d say, do the course, slowly and just following it exactly. Avoid diopter changes till the sessions discuss them. The timing and ‘spacing’ matters quite a bit, so doing it all in order is the best (and easiest) way to go about it.

Few notes:

1) Check that first presbyopia video. Let’s make sure that we have a baseline for how close you can see before blur and not have that number go up.

2) Make a casual habit for checking strain, using eye chart. No big deal, just something to be aware of.

3) The challenge with existing “under” corrections can be missing attached habits for active focus. We want to make sure you’re all primed for not accepting blur, rather using it near subconsciously to clear up images. Not an immediate issue, just keep in mind when we talk about blur horizon distance.

On to adventures and experiments ahead. Happy eyes!