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Jake S.
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Understood. Thanks for clarifying (again), I do sometimes get a bit lost on the exact details and history if I’m not looking at the latest posts. Apologies!

A big thing to untangle indeed would be the monovision. There’s no definitive guaranteed way to do it other than to adjust diopters accordingly for binocular vision, and see how the eyes adapt to it. You want to avoid strain, headaches, etc. Some people just snap back and are good with a nice binocular (both eyes working together) correction, others take more steps to get there.

One major thing, if you can see without double vision or ghosting without cylinder, definitely avoid cylinder. It’s better to have a bit more spherical if that compensates for any slight astigmatism symptom, than to add cylinder. Especially in contact lenses that’s just another level of complexity that you want to avoid if reasonably feasible.

It does seem that around -3 would work. The simpler the correction, the better. You might be able to get some sample contact lenses if need be (you did say you were experimenting already).

Then you want to just keep those the same for a few months, make sure eyes and brain fully adapt that correction.