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Sophie Mercado
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Thank Jake. Yes I’m following the course, albeit only at lesson 9 but have completed the measuring course and have also read the wiki pages and watched lots of your YT videos.

Unfortunately, I’ve been kind of guessing diometers for my contacts for 15 months, with trial and error, as I didn’t agree with the monovision prescription the opto gave in July 21 to have 1 eye undercorrected and 1 overcorrected. I just ordered a selection of contacts and tried what was best, testing my eyes with number plates and things around the home. My glasses are from 10+ years ago and I don’t even know the prescription. I know they over correct from my Snellen chart.

My diopter dropped in my last 2 eye tests weirdly. But I think the massive drop this time is because I stressed I didn’t want to be overcorrected because sharp vision/clarity often hurts around my eyes in the eye test (probably actually overcorrection) and he understood that I wanted to have a lower prescription. I just didn’t want to be that far from 20/20. I don’t know why the contacts the opto has given are even lower than the prescription he gave. I thought you don’t have ajust down for contacts once below -3.5

What is confusing me is my own measurements are so far from the optometrist’s prescription so I don’t know what to believe or work from. I don’t think I’m doing it wrong as I measure just at the point where sharp clarity stops. My average measurements work out as diopters above the contacts I’ve been wearing but these contacts give me 20/20 on a 3 metre snellen and I can read about half of the line below. I have to order something today, at least just some contacts, to keep me going as I’m nearly out of contacts and only wear the old scratched glasses at home. I will have to guess unfortunately as I don’t feel I have a reliable starting point from the optometrist and I know that with my measurements would point to higher than I’m currently wearing. I’ve been measuring for nearly 4 weeks now but only have nearly 2 weeks of those measurements. With -3.5/-3.0 I can just about read the line below 20/20 so I will take it that these are slightly too strong and maybe drop -0.25. But I don’t know if I need to get a toric lense.

Given I have no reliable starting point to know what a normalised lense/contact is, at what stage of the course would someone normally have enough information to order glasses.
Thanks, Sophie