Jake S.
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#1 Ideally get a 6m chart. 3m isn’t as accurate.

#2 Not sure if that cylinder is necessary. Not a big deal, but worth a little experiment maybe to see whether that needs to be there.

#3 What’s the main thing we need for progress? Active focus! Not mentioned in your message. Note that without that stimulus, we can’t expect much change.

#4 Yes it seems no differentials are needed. Though the question makes me wonder if we’re clear on the concept of blur horizon and active focus.

Takeaway: You really barely have myopia. For driving, maybe low light conditions. This can be challenging to address, but also good news. You’re not very dependent on corrective lenses. 🙂

No real need for that optician. You can tell how they’re super focused on not letting you leave without selling you something.

For dry eyes, if it was me, I’d go see an ophthalmologist. Unless they checked your tear ducts, went through all the things that may cause dry eyes – besides the normal stuff like hydration and ambient humidity.