Christos Angelidakis
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Hey Jake! Appreciate your prompt response

Love the idea of getting new differentials cause I have stagnated for the last 3 weeks.

Here are my current diopters

1. Normalized/Distance (My first ever differentials, which became my new normalized:D)
R SPH -4.00 CYL -0.5
L SPH -4.5 CYL -0.5

2. Current Differentials
R SPH -3.25 CYL -0.5
L SPH -3.75 CYL -0.5

I was thinking of changing reducing my differentials by 0.5 which would lead to:
R SPH -2.75 CYL -0.5
L SPH -3.25 CYL -0.5

Don’t want to mess with astigmatism yet cause things to get blurry and tiring when I work on my computer

Happy to keep the same normalised/distance for now so I can also drive safely at night

Also I can afford a 3rd pair of glasses (so I can keep my current differentials)

Would love to hear your thoughts

Thank you for your time