Christos Angelidakis
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Hey Jake,

Hope all is well, brother

I am replying to this thread to help you get a better context of my situation

First of all a big thank you for your amazing program, man! My measurements started at 20cm and after following your advice I am at 28cm which is insane 😀

I really can’t believe it man! The world is becoming clearer and clearer every single day! Love it!

Now to my questions 🙂

I have the same differentials for two months and I can now see quite clearly with them. To give you some context I have 20/20 vision at a distance of 2.5m (on a 3m Snellen chart)

So I would say that they are slowly becoming my new normalized/distance prescription

However, my progress has stalled for the last 3 weeks, and my measurements have stayed the same.

I don’t really wear my normalized/distance glasses anymore cause they make me kind of dizzy (I only wear them at night or while driving)

To wrap things up -> Here are my 2 questions
– Is it time to get new differentials? If so, how lower should I go from my current ones?
– If I get new differentials should I also change my distance/normalized prescription too? Cause if I don’t I feel that there’s going to be a huge gap between my differentials and my distance prescription.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

Wish you a great day!