Jake S.
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I can’t say what you should do specifically this case, that’s your call. I can say this:

Contact lenses are a compromise.

You get better periphery and optical quality, much more freedom, opportunity for movement, sports, etc. They’re cheaper relatively speaking in many ways, and much less of a intrusive vision crutch.

On the flip side, no good for close-up. Reduced blink rate, not enough tear fluid to support them. Also not great in general if tear fluid volume is low, so depends very much on the individual.

Also risk of all the convenience leading to over-use of contact lenses.

You will need a professional fitting. And yes, lower diopters in general. You want to ideally not have the contact lens be more clear on the eye chart than glasses – which at the same diopters would very likely be the case.

That is why I say experiments. Everything we do here is trying something, see how it works for you (her) specifically in the given scenario. 😉