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Jake S.
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Hi Nathalie,

Do you have a bit of a history of diopters used, how often you changed, differentials and normalized? How many reductions?

Any contact lens use?

Any cylinder / astigmatism at any point?

What does an average day look like in terms of lens use, close-up time, any distance and outdoor time, active focus work?

Any reading or close-up use without any lenses? If so, how is that experience?

Any other issues to note, like lazy eye or dry eyes, anything that may have been left out?

Transient astigmatism (seeing some ghosting when reducing too quickly, or for some period during a reduction) is fairly common. Normally it’s not very dramatic, especially when we’re dealing with low diopters to begin with. Then again, everyone is different, every journey unique in some way.

Important here to avoid the double vision, especially if it causes cascading issues that you described. You always want to be starting from and ideally staying in a space that is not straining. I say this a lot, best to avoid strain when possible. 🙂