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Jake S.
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Hi Robert,

Glad you stuck with it all, and yay for a 15 year old being on the right track. Things can really go either way there.

The diopter ratio, yes. Slowly reducing it, usually no sooner than with two regular spherical reductions in between, would be somewhat common. The thing to look for is how the eye receiving more challenge responds. Measurement changes that show that eye to lag tell you that you don’t want to include another ratio reduction for likely the next two reductions. If both eyes improve at roughly the same rate – better, ideally the eye with more reduction responds more positively (but not something to expect or take for granted).

It’s also more a topic when everything else is going well. If improvements are slow (which is totally fine), best to not add more complexity at that point. Just being happy with diopters going down, fantastic direction.

Keep the ratio largely the same for differential and normalized.

I would skip having multiple differentials. Can if you want to, generally though adds another level of complexity to manage. Plus glasses, habits, all of it becomes more tenuous.

Diopters still a bit high for going no-lenses. Unless that’s something she enjoys.

Generally best to have both eyes working together. One eye taking over isn’t ideal.