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Selcuk Mumcu
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It seems I made a mathematical error. The diopter ratio between my LEFT and RIGHT eye originally was 1.25. (Starting point -6.75 to -5.50)

In my latest prescription, I REDUCED the diopter ration to 1 (See below.)


Sphere (SPH) Cylinder(CYL) Axis
OD-RIGHT -4.75 -0.75 173
OS-LEFT -5.75 -0.75 8

Basically, I believe(-d) I need to make a tiny adjustment and drop OD RIGHT to 4.50. (Then I am back at the 1.25 diopter ratio.)

But, let me take your advise, and try 60 more days mostly working on my LEFT eye. If I can get to a good 20/25 – then may be I can reduce both by – 25 at the same time.

So, I won’t bug until August, if still in the boat, we can decide.

Best regards,