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Ok, the muscle thing makes sense, Jake.
I get plenty of distance watching (2h)and always take breaks in my close up time-it’s my priority that
I take very seriously- but , anyway I’ll work on it.
When I had my doctor’s check up in August 2021 I had the drops dilating pupils after about 16 years.
The next day I noticed that when I look left with my left eye and then straight ahead a black spot appears for a fraction of a second, I also noticed that when I blink my left eyelid seems heavier ( it’s not visible) than the right one and the eye feels a bit different. I called the doctor to tell him about it and he said it was a floater. I have them BUT I KNOW IT”S NOT A FLOATER. I thought back then that some muscle is torn, or nerve damaged. 2 weeks later I had my retina reatached. I told the doc about it again , he looked at it and he said everything was ok, but I know it isn’t. I guess I have to look for a specialist to get a second opinion
Could that contribute? I hope it’s only not enough distance…, That, I guess, could be the reason that my eye gets strained easily, too

One more thing. I spend time at home in my differentials. When I remove my normalised CL and put on glasses, within 5 minutes my eye starts working (I’m kind of addicted to the feeling:-) .
After an optometrist’s visit where she put 1 diopter too much, my eyes stopped working /focusing for 2 hours.
Yesterday the wether was perfect and I could see everything -mostly with my right eye- but after a 2 hour walk , my eyes didn’t work for the rest of the day in differentials and today they are lazier.
Is that also ok in the last phase or a sign to move on to lower normalised?
My centimetres tell me to lower but I like to keep the strong ones for the sake of my astigmatism.
Jake, THANK YOU for your time. My eyes and I are grateful for you every day.