Jake S.
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Check out the troubleshooting links.

Great that your eyes didn’t get worse, but for sure we want more than that!

Our eyes are all the same. They will adjust to stimulus, they will be affected by strain. The trick is figuring out whether you got strain under control, and if the stimulus is productive. I get it, a bit of a leap of faith if you’ve tried and not succeeded yet!

Have you used the eye chart to keep track of ciliary spasm during close-up work? I think that one is in the troubleshooting list also.

From all the years getting these kinds of scenarios what I found most commonly giving people the “aha” moment, is to change some routines. Sometimes it’s hard to zoom out and observe yourself and see what’s limiting you, till you manage to do a thing different that exposes the flaw.

Outdoor / sport / non-screen hobbies that require clear vision, also can be super helpful.